Why It’s Time to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Cybercrime Cyber-Security

With the business world transitioning to a virtual one, managing everything from documents and communication to our ability to connect to our thermostats remotely, cyberattacks have been on the rise around the world.  Between 2020 and 2021, the Identity Theft Research Centre (ITRC) identified an increase of data breaches as much at 17%, and this […]

The COVID Hangover

The Covid Hangover

We’ve all been through it – the #pandemic hit hard and came suddenly, leaving a lot of us scrambling to get running on the #cloud. At this point we seem to have made it work, but many of us are still operating on systems we’ve patched together without giving much thought to the #longterm. At BrazenBytes, we say it’s time to snap out of the COVID Hangover and take another look at your IM cloud infrastructure you’ve got going on to #maximize your team’s productivity (and maybe even give back some of that hard-earned #freetime to relax!)