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Professional and managed services to aid your organization in leveraging the full potential of MS365

Information Management

M365 Implementation and Pricing

Microsoft 365 is a robust platform with many feature overlaps. We meet with your target groups to determine the right product-to-scenario solution to fit your unique business needs.

SharePoint & OneDrive

Gain productivity by leveraging our best practice experience and managed services. Take control of your document and record management processes through our unique Architecture and Metadata design process

Microsoft Teams

Enhance remote collaboration and improve productivity with our proven methods for Migration, Governance, User Adoption, and Full Implementation services.

Data Management

Data Migration & Upgrades

Moving shouldn’t be a headache. When you’re ready to take full advantage of Microsoft 365’s benefits, we can help you successfully plan and move your systems and content, hassle-free.

Enterprise Content Management

Streamline your business processes, improve productivity, and connect users and content with powerful search and metadata.

Access Management

Secure your content with our easy-to-understand and easy-to-maintain Role Access Management tool, that puts content owners in charge of their content access.

Business Optimzation

Process Automation

Save time and boost productivity with clear, easy, and secure workflow automation. Streamline your processes so you can focus on what’s important using the Power Platform.

Intelligent Reporting

Our data and analytics experts help you bridge the gap between your data sources and goals. Gather meaningful insights, draw robust reports, and make actionable business decisions.

Collaboration & Communication

Improve company-wide communications with a Sharepoint Online intranet. We can build and maintain a custom intranet, and manage the distribution of information across your entire organization.

Managed Services

Governance & Change Management

We offer ongoing governance support to ensure your enterprise stays true to the IM strategy, including access control and maintenance.

Dedicated Support Plan

We know your business and we know your people, who better to call when you need the job done? We’re always here to help, with a Dedicated Support Plan, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing you’ve got a personal account manager at your fingertips.

Licensing and Products

We’ll work directly with your team to determine the right product-to-scenario solution to fit your unique business needs. We’re not salespersons, we will find the best fit, wither its commercial-off-the-shelf or a custom solution.

We’ll meet your needs and your budget!
Our Cloud Managed Services Partner Pax8 allows us to provide you virtually any cloud license you need at the most competitive prices.

Our team is ready to assist you.

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Contact us to arrange an introduction.Tell us your requirements and let us construct a solution. All our meetings are virtual.

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