With the business world transitioning to a virtual one, managing everything from documents and communication to our ability to connect to our thermostats remotely, cyberattacks have been on the rise around the world.  Between 2020 and 2021, the Identity Theft Research Centre (ITRC) identified an increase of data breaches as much at 17%, and this is a conservatie estimate.  Security breaches of large companies with deep pockets have notably made the news – companies including McDonalds and Volkswagen, SolarWinds and even Microsoft to name a few.  Perhaps even more concerning are the attacks on health care systems, with one such attack in Germany allegedly costing the life of a patient waiting for urgent care.  Overall, billions of dollars in damages have been claimed globally due to cybersecurity breaches.  No matter the industry or size of a company, cybersecurity is serious business, with its importance growing every day.  

Enter Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA. At this point, most of us have come across and used MFA somewhere. As the name suggests, MFA uses multiple forms of authentication to identify a user before allowing access to a device or account. The formula is simple: a user must supply a password and at least one other form of identity verification before authorization to proceed is granted. The second form of verification can vary depending on what tool or software is being used. In some cases, it’s a physical component that only the end user has access to, such as a USB or personal phone. While some forms mentioned here are more secure than others, what’s right for you will depend on the data you’re protecting and the resources that are available.

Pax8 and Brazen Bytes have a number of products to help you implement MFA and additional cybersecurity measures to protect your business in any climate. When paired with governance and compliance tools and reliable cloud-based backup solutions, MFA can tighten security organization-wide with minimal interventions by the end user. SentinelOne, Endpoint Security, Acronis and even Microsoft are some of many product solutions that can provide solid endpoint security options for your business.

Most MFA systems are relatively easy to implement too, not requiring major commitments on your team’s part. They offer a small, but essential, ingredient in a company’s approach to asset protection.  If you’re unsure which MFA or other related products are best suited for your company, Brazen Bytes can help.  Having worked with some of Canada’s biggest names whose security requirements are among the tightest, we understand the subtleties between tools and can recommend the best solutions based on your team’s usage, both present and future.  Contact us today to explore your options.