From keeping track of to-dos to processing documents, the duties of the modern office worker requires a lot of concentration and commitment to memorizing process steps, just to stay on top of tasks.  Wherever and whenever these steps can be consolidated or streamlined, companies will find fewer things slipping through the cracks and improved performance.  One such way to eliminate extra steps while streamlining process is by implementing e-signatures.  We’re on a mission to help those who go through the trouble of; producing a document in the cloud, printing it, signing it in ink, scanning, and then re-saving back to the cloud. This is more common than you think, but it’s all because they hadn’t taken the steps to implement a simple and affordable e-signature solution.  Think of the 15 minutes of their time for each document requiring signature!  To help YOU get that time back into your work day, we’ve gathered up three of the most popular e-signatures solutions which integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365..  

Adobe Acrobat Sign is an ideal option for anyone already utilizing the Adobe Suite or the PDF editor alone.  A simple yet robust option, its clean interface is well documented and supported well by it’s community. Their integration services have recently undergone a pricing adjustment to better suit the needs of smaller organizations. It’s definitely worth taking another look because of the vast set of capabilities you can leverage in the MS 365 Power Platform at no additional cost.

Assently E-Sign is a connector readily available in Microsoft 365’s Power Automate that offers electronic IDs, touchscreen signature capabilities and SMS features for one of the most secure ways to have contracts reviewed and signed off in no time.  While it can be integrated into your Sharepoint solution, it can also be used independently online from any device.  

DocuSign is one of the most popular options out there for electronic signatures.  Like the previous two options, it’s a connector that’s already available in Power Automate for those wanting to go all-in on process efficiency.  DocuSign also offers a Contract Life Cycle Management product for an all-encompassing system to manage documents from start ‘til end.  

The e-signature options above as well as the many, many more come at a variety of price points and special features to suit any business’ needs.  By integrating these features into Microsoft 365 services, rest assured your team will be optimizing their effort-to-outcome performance across the board.  Not sure which connection app is best for you?  Reach out to us today and schedule a free, no-committment chat!